Kelloe Primary

Schoolchildren holding up fabric banner saying 'Send My Friend to School'
Pupils made a 75m finger-knitted scarf.

Kelloe Primary has the Rights Respecting School Award (UNICEF). It cares about the rights of children, including those not lucky enough to be in school. 140 children made the paper scarf to show that they care and want others to care and to change these children’s life chances through the 1Goal campaign.

‘We all enjoyed learning to finger knit and making the football scarf. I made lots of pieces at home. I want it to make difference to the children who are not lucky enough to go to school like us.’ James

Also thirty children have made 75m of finger knitting into a scarf using a new skill they learnt in Friday Golden time with volunteer Dawn Whittaker. Each metre of finger knitting represents one million children not in school.

Like the Lambton Worm, a local legend, the knitting just grew and grew and the scarf also has bells on! Also Class 4 made a sari scarf banner and every child’s name is on a figure which represents the spectators at the World Cup.
The scarves give a clear message about their desire to make a difference. Dawn Whittaker is to present these three Kelloe football scarves to 10 Downing Street at the end of June.