St Vincent’s Primary

Adults and children in football kit, displaying artwork.
Two MPs came to St Vincent’s special 1GOAL football match.

Two MPs, Jim Dobbin and Simon Danzcuk, turned up to watch our special 1GOALfootball match. We also had a representative from the football community in the form of Nicky Spooner ( used to play for Bolton Wanderers!). The sun shone (amazingly for Rochdale) and some children from Year 6 explained about the campaign to our visitors.

The children of Year 3 then sang the world cup song (K’naan version) and the seven-a-side match took place, including children from St Vincent’s and neighbouring Caldershaw C.P. School. They wore bibs featuring flags from countries of the world stating what % of children in those countries are currently at school.

Some children had created a 1GOAL cheer leading routine. We had guest appearances from a banana and a hotdog who both were supporting 1GOAL too.

We presented some of our signed scarves to the MPs but some we will be sending with letters to the PM next week. One of the children, Lois Thompson, made a special cross stitch scarf which we will also be sending on to the PM.