Southfield School

Large group of children in uniform with posters and artwork, outside a school building.

Emily and Sophie report on Year 7’s Go for Gold activities.

In PSHE, we have learnt about the famous ‘Send My Friend to School’ campaign. It is all about making sure every child in every country gets an education. We have learnt about this and have taken action. We have proved this by writing letters to Philip Hollobone, our local MP who can pass on letters and other pieces of information to the Prime Minister.

Also, we have learnt about what it’s like to not have an education and researched many different people and their lives. We have made paper medals and are really getting involved.

We are all enjoying this topic as we find it inspiring knowing we are making a difference. There are a lot of people who are involved in this particular campaign, making it world famous. It really is making a difference and such great fun to be part of it – I can’t wait to see the results.