Trinity Primary School

Kerry, Carly and Karen are all pupils from Trinity Primary who wrote up reports about their experience of Send My Friend to School.

Kerry told us:

“For Send My Friend to School, we wrote letters to our MP to remind him that the world leaders made a promise to send all the children in the world to school by 2015. We made little teachers with moving arms and legs and wrote what an ideal teacher should be like. We also made a big teacher by drawing around Mrs Sands!

We invited our MP, Mr Lazarowicz into school so that we could give him our letters and teachers which will remind him of his promise and also so that he could see what sort of teacher we would like to send to schools. Some of us stood up and spoke to him and explained what we have been learning. Then we all had a big photo taken with him.”

Carly told us:

“We learnt about a girl called Fatima who lives in Nigeria. She is very poor and that means she doesn’t go to school. We wanted to make sure that she got an education so we wrote letters to our local MP, Mr Lazarowicz. We told him that there are 60 million children that still do not go to school, and that there is a shortage of 1.7million teachers. We reminded him of the promise that was made, that by 2015 all the children in the world would go to school. We thought about the qualities of an ideal teacher. We wrote about what we thought the ideal teacher should be like and we made our own ideal teachers. Mr Lazarowicz came to school to collect our letters. We told him everything we had been learning about and showed him all the teachers we had made. He said he was going to take our letters to the Houses of Parliament and share them with other MP’s. We are looking forward to receiving his response.”

Karen told us:

“We watched the video clip about Fatima and talked about how not all children get to go to school. We found out that the different governments had agreed to make sure every child gets a primary education. We decided to write to our MP to ask him to help Fatima. We e-mailed Mark Lazarowicz to ask if he would collect them. Today (11th April) he came to collect them. We also made our own ideal teachers and showed him these.”