Malala Day in London

Young people from England, Northern Ireland and Scotland joined forces with Malala Yousafzai on Friday 12 July 2013 to speak up for the right to education of every child.

60 young campaigners gathered at the Houses of Parliament to attend a special Malala Day event. While global campaigners were getting ready to attend the world’s first UN Youth Takeover in New York, these young people came up with a bold message from the UK, to add to the global movement calling for change.

Here’s their ‘call to action’:

“This can’t be taken as another flimsy petition. The MDG is approaching and we need to take action now. It’s about time we go our voices heard and eventually we will get 57 million more children the rights and education they deserve.”

They also came up with three messages:

  1. We believe that for children to be able to learn and thrive, governments need to remove the barriers to education to allow compulsory state education for nine years. This could be achieved by international aid and community support by other national governments.
  2. We want education for all! If we have the right to all these resources and education, why don’t the children in all countries have them too. Respect culture but use culture to respect citizens. Everyone should be able to get the same education, boy or girl, disabled or not. Education is a tool for liberation!.
  3. Train teachers who will be committed, inspiring and motivated. This paired with a high quality curriculum will ensure that children are educated to realise their full potential and have high ambitions.

Read their full messages here.

Photo: © Mark Chilvers/ActionAid