Gregg International School

Children from Gregg International School in Japan have learned about the challenges facing children with disabilities seeking an education, and linked up with a UK school while taking part in Send My Friend to School.

We connected with St Thomas Primary School in the UK, and on our Friendship Day and International Week we learned all about disabilities and why children around the world can’t go to school. We learned about different disabilities, and students shared their experiences. We also sang songs of friendship, wrote poems and discussed why ALL children should go to school.

We invited a guest from the Embassy of Malawi, and gave him a letter from the students asking for the support of the Embassy too. Parents were also invited to our celebration of friendship. They joined in with our songs, and we all held hands in a circle at the end and – in a BIG voice – shouted: “SEND ALL OUR FRIENDS TO SCHOOL!”

The children wrote letters to Class 5 at St Thomas Primary School, painted Japanese calligraphy, bought gifts, made gifts and then put it all in a large box to send to our new UK friends. In the afternoon the older students organized activities, including tug-of-war, egg and spoon race and much more.  It was a truly worldwide celebration enjoyed by all!