Global action for education

With just 21 days to go to the UK’s Send My Friend Day of Action (1 July) let’s look at what else has been happening around the world in the campaign for quality education for all.

Photo: GCE Spain ‘Education protects us: protect funding’

Millions of people – students, teachers and grassroot activists – have been speaking out on education.  Almost 30 countries involved in the Global Campaign for Education (GCE) have already been active and creative in their campaigning.

Take a look at images of young campaigners from all around the world on the GCE Flickr page.

Here are a few details from some fantastic activities that have already taken place in many countries during 2016:

Spain Thousands of umbrellas were used to bring attention to Spain’s campaign ‘Education protects us: protect funding’. More than 28 Spanish cities, and over 10,000 students and teachers participated in activities, opening thousands of umbrellas and drawing attention to the protection that schools provide and the necessity of adequate funding to support this.

Somalia At the end of April masses of activities were organised in Somalia to highlight the importance of quality education including school visits, a community radio panel discussion, a press conference and a public education forum. Campaigners are calling on the Somali government to increase education spending to 20% of their total budget, to prioritise financing for education in emergencies and to improving teachers’ recruitment and welfare.

Nicaragua On 5th May a range of events was organised by GCE Members, including a radio debate and a fun-day in Managua . The slogan was ‘Finance the Future: more resources, better education’ with a demand that the government increase its investment in education and drafts a national strategy for spending for the next 15 years.

Germany Under its campaign ‘World Class’, the GCE in Germany called for more funds for education to help the refugee and humanitarian crisis, focusing particularly on Syria. The campaign launched at the Brandenburg Gate with pupils, teachers, campaigners and members of parliament. Schools around Germany also held events and drawing campaigns, inviting politicians into the classroom.

In the UK the Day of Action is 1 July. Join this global movement and stand in solidarity with young people and other campaigners across the world by getting your whole school, and neighbouring schools, to take part in Send My Friend to School 2016!