Hear Levi report back from our Campaign Champions training!

The following is a blog from 15-year-old Levi Lawson, recently returned from our Campaign Champions 2017 training. Levi shares his experience of the training, and why he’s ready to start campaigning with Send My Friend

Over one weekend, myself and 19 other young people got the chance to go on a training weekend to become the Send My Friend to School Campaign Champions 2017. Over the weekend we improved our knowledge of the Send My Friend to School campaign and learnt how to campaign in our local communities.

The training really built up the friendship of our group and improved our understanding of the campaign so we are all well-prepared for our new roles.

As one of those who had longer to travel, I got to know part of the group on the Friday evening. This made the first initial friendships. The evening consisted of a great meal and a film about Malala Yousafzai becoming who she is today.

The next morning consisted of breakfast and the arrival of the remaining Campaign Champions. We started the training set up by Ema and Ellie which included a starter name game, ground rules and the important theme of our campaign for this year – finding the missing piece, the money to ensure every child in the world receives a quality education. This was introduced, explained and thought about over the weekend. The sessions were preparing us for campaigning. These included becoming a Campaign Champion, imaginative campaigning and using the media and building the missing piece campaign in our local communities.

Over the weekend we all learnt lots of new skills. The training was presented really well and built my understanding of how to campaign, speak in public and talk to MPs about the campaign. This helped build my confidence and I learnt lots of new skills. I’d like to thank all the people and Facilitators who were involved with preparing and running the weekend, especially Ema and Ellie.

It was a wonderful, motivating and emotional weekend.

You too can join the call for the UK government to invest in the power of education. Take action by downloading our teaching resource pack with everything you need to bring the campaign to life in your school. 


Easpoint Academy at the Campaign Champions training, including Louise Hacker, Rita Laranjeiro and Levi Lawson.