What is the All My Friends Need Teachers campaign?

This year, the theme of Send My Friend to School’s campaign has been All My Friends Need Teachers. We’ve been working to support young people to use their voices and influence the UK Government’s global education policy. Read on to find out how you can join thousands of schools who have taken part in the Send My Friend to school campaign.

Campaign Champions meet Sarah Champion MP at Parliamentary Action Day 2022

We have learnt over the years, that students are the most powerful advocates for the right of all children to have a quality education. And this year, schools across the country have stood together, to tell the government “All My Friends Need Teachers”


“Young people are at the forefront of the campaign which is very refreshing. Students feel like they have a voice and are able to make a change and be heard” (Campaign Champion, 2022)

At Send My Friend, we support you and your students to deliver the #AllMyFriendsNeedTeachers campaign at your schools. The campaign gives students the opportunity to develop Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural values (SMSC), and demand genuine change as part of a diverse, inclusive global movement.

image of issue trees created by school as part of the SMF campaign "All My Friends Need Teachers"

Issue trees, and MP letters produced by a school taking part in the campaign


  • participate in a diverse and inclusive global movement
  • develop an argument, voice their opinions and make a genuine difference
  • develop the skills and knowledge to democratically influence their MP
  • develop moral and ethical values through investigating the rights-based topic of education
  • apply creativity and imagination in persuasively expressing their opinions and values

Above all, the SMF campaign shows young people that they have a voice, and that they are the most powerful advocates there are for the rights of all children to a quality education.


Our campaign pack provides you with readymade lesson plans, teacher guides and resources. It couldn’t be easier to bring the SMF campaign to life in your school!

It is so easy to join the thousands of schools who have taken part in Send My Friend, and our engaging and ready made campaign resources mean that you’ve got everything you need to get going in September.

The All My Friends Need Teachers campaign can be easily integrated into existing schemes of work. Whether you run the campaign over a series of lessons, a standalone lesson, it is embedded into your enrichment programs, delivered as part of SME or PHSE programmes or used as an activity during tutor time; the possibilities are endless!

Download your campaign pack today, or get in touch with rebekah.lucking@sendmyfriend.org for more information