All My Friends Need Teachers: World Teachers Day 2022

This World Teachers Day, Send My Friend to School, the UK’s civil society coalition of international development NGOs, teachers’ unions and charities are coming together to spread our message to the UK Government, that #AllMyFriendsNeedTeachers, and make sure that teachers aren’t left off the global education agenda.

Achieving SDG4 must mean prioritising those who are at the chalkface day after day: the world’s teachers. Investing in qualified, well-trained and well-resourced teachers is one of the greatest investments we can make in children’s futures. And this year, thousands of young people across the UK have taken part in our campaign to highlight why this is so important, and some of the solutions that might make this possible. 

Two of the Send My Friend campaign champions, Daniel and Evie, explain some of the issues here:

  1. Teacher shortages and class sizes: A shortage of teachers mean either children do not go to school or classes are too large for effective learning
  2. Teachers’ pay, training and working lives: way too little investment in teachers training and working conditions.
  3. Girls Education: There are too few female teachers around the world and many teachers are not trained to challenge gender inequality
  4. Inclusive education: Children with disabilities are disproportionately denied their right to education. There are too few teachers trained in inclusive education, schools have too few resources and staff to support children with disabilities.
  5. Education in Emergencies: Education is at its weakest during conflicts and when children are displaced from their homes or are refugees. Teachers in emergencies are often vulnerable, under-qualified and inadequately supported to meet the complex needs of the children they teach.

Daniel & Evie at Parliamentary Action Day 2022

We are asking the UK government to support all children to access trained teachers, realise its G7 global targets, and catalyse progress toward SDG4.

How can we do this?

Send My Friend to school is calling for the FCDO to launch a new, clear global teachers strategy, and to work with international partners to recruit and train 1.8 million new teachers in low and lower-middle income countries by 2026. 

Champion inclusive, gender-transformative education

We are asking the UK government to champion inclusive teaching for inclusive education that allows for the full participation and achievement of all children, including children with disabilities. We are also asking that they place teachers at the centre of inclusive, gender-transformative education.

Unlock education in emergencies through teachers

We are calling on the UK Government  to prioritise teachers from the very onset of emergencies, through to recovery and development, and to pledge £170 million to Education Cannot Wait over the next four years.

Read more about Education Cannot Wait here

We need to turn the conversation and energy of the Transforming Education Summit into sustainable action. It has never been more urgent to make sure that we are placing teachers at the front and centre of the global education agenda.

The time to act is now. Join us to raise your voice in chorus with thousands across the UK to say All My Friends need Teachers.