Zahid’s story

Zahid-teastall-540Zahid is 12 years old and lives with his three brothers and his parents in a small village in northern Bangladesh.

Zahid was enrolled in primary school and had reached Class 3 when he had to drop out and help support his family. Zahid now works all day as a waiter in a tea stall.

Zahid-portrait-250“I become very sad when I see other boys going off to school… I miss my school days, books and school uniform.

“When I was a student at Kashiabari Primary School my father asked me to stop my studies and start working in the tea stall. Although my father works in a shop he doesn’t have enough income to support our family of five. From that day going to school turned into just a dream for me.

“In the mornings I wake up and arrive in the tea stall by 6am. I start by cleaning the cups and dishes. I work until 10pm and get paid only 50 Taka a day (40p). The stall owner scolds me for no reason, but I have no choice but to work there. My family depends on me for even these small earnings.

“I also miss playing football at school – everyone admired me when I played! I wish I could go to school like my friends. After finishing their studies they will become doctors, engineers or pilots but I will still be a tea stall waiter.”