Young Ambassadors' Ghana film

Emily and George in Ghana

3rd May 2015

Watch this film about our Young Ambassadors’ visit to Ghana, and teach about barriers to education.

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Young Ambassadors’ Ghana diary

9th April 2015

Read all about our Young Ambassadors’ 2015 fact-finding trip to Ghana, where they met children both in and out of school.

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Billy & Eilidh in Malawi

1st February 2012

Our 2012 Young Ambassadors, Billy and Eilidh, visited Malawi, where fewer than half of children finish school.

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Meet the Minister

14th July 2011

Watch our 2011 Young Ambassadors as they meet with DFID Minister, Stephen O’Brien MP, to discuss education for all.

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Yas & Nav in Guatemala

15th February 2011

Follow Navdeep and Yasir, our 2011 Young Ambassadors, on their fact-finding trip to Guatemala.

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Meet the MPs

7th May 2010

Our 2010 Young Ambassadors, Ronan and Rhiannon, met MPs to ask them what they plan to do to help achieve education for all.

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Ronan & Rhiannon in Ghana

7th February 2010

Ronan and Rhiannon, our 2010 Young Ambassadors, travelled to Ghana to explore barriers to education.

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Beth & James in Tanzania

7th February 2009

Bethany and James, our Young Ambassadors for 2009, travelled to Tanzania to explore barriers to education there.

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